Hearing The Message – Living The Call

Hearing the Message – Living the Call

If only we could harness this communal caring and channel it toward the good of all and not just that good identified by a certain group or sect. If we could find some common goal that all could accept as a challenge we could re-define the history of the earth and finally become a species acting in behalf of the whole.

Throughout our life there are instances where things that we hear, see or feel create within us an urgency to begin or accomplish something that, without the stimuli, would have never been considered. I suppose we could call this input a message and could probably also define it or attach it to something unearthly or, at least, out of the ordinary. I have felt this message off an on throughout my life, as I am sure you have, upon seeing something that is wonderful and beyond description or hearing melody that wells up within one feelings that overcome explanation. Sometimes it is the sight or the smell that carries the message—but always the message is the beginning of an experience of change of events that profoundly affect what comes after. I believe that living is a message that fits into this category of events but has become entangled with daily events to an extent that the message that living carries is muted or completely hidden from our conscious recognition. The act of living demands that we become an integral part of all life and participate as a partner in the process. All living things contain this fundamental knowledge but it is man that has lost the ability to recognize this basic truth on a day-by-day basis. Because of the way we are, curious beyond reason and unsatisfied with what we find around ourselves, we are continually influenced by the desire to manipulate our selves and our surroundings to create a situation in which we become the center around which all-else functions. This is simply part of the conditions of being human and is, in itself, neither good nor bad. It is, rather, the method and degree to which we become involved in this self-creating process that may place us in a situation where our choices become “good” or “bad” based on their relationship to the rest of life. Because we have the ability to experience life as a chain of related events in which both a history and a future exist it becomes possible for us to see ourselves as responsible for the ebb and flow of existence as a guardian, trustee, governor, creator, controller—or any set of descriptors which we choose to grant to ourselves.

This self-granting control at whatever level or degree we convince ourselves we possess is what ultimately separates us from those things with which we share the planet. It is also possible to use this same set of descriptors to segregate or include other portions of humanity either into or away from ourselves and our perceived purpose(s) in life. In this way, each individual person has the ability