About Me & This and That

The writings posted here are part of the accumulation of 70 years of living and watching the world around me.  In that time I have traveled across the United States from Key West and Canada, and as far north west as Fairbanks, Alaska.  Most of this traveling was done by car during summers between the end of one school year and the beginning of the next with lots of camping and living along the baseline.

Now retired for over a decade after 37 years of public school teaching I am still a student of nature and the nature of man.  Still look with excitement and wonder at a perfect sunny day or into the fog and grey sky of a chilled winters morning and happy for it all.

I have always been an active watcher as the events of the day pass by and find interest in both the obvious and the obscure and have kept journals of my thoughts and feelings that were sparked by what I observed and experienced.

If you find any of these interesting or meaningful, I’m happy .. if not that’s fine too.


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